New Way To Grow Business

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How to improve your business with POPL - Customer data is the new oil.



  • Make every customer count - whenever a customer taps on the Popl NFC chip, they will be directed to your Popl profile page or any webpage of your choice. Ask them to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, website, or any other social media platform, and more.

  • Stop wasting money on business cards. Save time - easy and quick sharing, no more missed spell email or contact info.

  • You can place Popl NFC chip anywhere you want that customers can tap with their phone. Example: Countertop, back of the phone (phone case), window, and many more places. No Battery or Power Needed


Everyone is on Social Media


1 Billion Monthly Active Users


  • Social Media Example: Instagram is one of the easiest ways to update your customers and get them back to your business. After customers taps on Popl, they are instantly directed to your Instagram page. Ask them to follow your Instagram page. Now, whenever you share products or fun vibes post on Instagram, your customers will be able to see your post.

  • There are many many more social platforms you can take advantage of. Such as Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, WeChat, WhatsApp, and much more.


All the Social Media and Customer relationship management features built in and more.


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  • Not only on social media, but you can also get customer's email, phone number, WhatsApp, WeChat, and much more.

  • It's time to hop on to the new digital marketing and business trend - A new way to share that will not get your business left behind.

  • Your customer = your oil!


Who can you sell Popl to?

Who to sell to

  • Who to sell Popl to - Anyone and everyone who is looking to grow their business, social media followers, friends, and more.

  • All business, restaurants, lawyers, real estate agents, contractors, freelancers, sales agents, social media influencers, and much much more. 


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